Lead Products

Here at the Leadman we also provide custom made to order lead products, which we make in our workshop or on site when required these include the following:

Chimney Trays

Made from code 4 sheet lead and are designed to prevent water penetration into the building through the chimney stack. We also paint the tray with Bitumen paint to help prevent weeping.

Lead Slates

The diameter of the Pitched Lead Slates shown are the internal size of the pipe flashing, the pipe can be custom made to any size. Our Lead Slates are suitable for both slate and tiled roofs and are ideal for flashing flue pipes from wood burning stoves, boiler flue pipes and soil & vent pipes.

Full Lead Pitched Cavity Trays

Are a pre-formed lead DPC stepped cavity tray system for installation at the abutment of a pitched roof with an external cavity wall for protection from rain water ingress. Custom made to your required roof pitch.

Lead Window Sill trays

Sheet Lead window trays are made from code 4 lead. They are designed so as the sheet lead flashing turns up on the inside of the window and at corner posts before turning down over cladding. Designed to stop window leaking into the building structure. The outside turn down is in some cases cut to form patterns that enhance the building.

Horizontal Lead DPCs

Are a preformed horizontal cavity tray system, including corner and stop end units, suitable for new build brick, block and stonework constructions. Featuring integral interlocking lapped joints to securely join cavity tray lengths together and create a watertight run which eliminates the requirement of additional tray jointing adhesives (taping etc) on site.

Chimney Flashings

Lead Chimney Front & Back Aprons are made to suit any Chimney and orientation. All are made from code 4 sheet lead flashing. (Unless Otherwise Stated).

Lead Ridge Flashings

Lead ridge abutment flashing products are made from code 4 sheet lead. They are designed to weather the ridge of the roof, where it intersects the chimney or gable end of a building.

bespoke products

We also make a range of bespoke products which are made to the customer’s individual requirements these can range from specialist roofing vents to custom lead hoppers for historical buildings.

Please note that all lead products are made from code 4 milled lead unless otherwise stated by the customer. Custom orders are non-returnable and large or bespoke orders maybe subject to a 50% deposit. All are subject to payment in full on delivery.